Simon Ellison is multi-faceted designer hailing from the Victoria University School of Design. It is here that Simon came to understand innovation and its place in Design. Through the use of emerging technologies as well as traditional manufacturing Simon placed himself at the forefront of the design community. 

While studying Simon became the first Designer to use 3d printing to push the limits of loudspeaker design, creating the world's first ever 3d printed loudspeaker. Using one of the most advanced 3d printers available, Simon cemented his position as an early adopter of these new technologies.

To keep balance and a well rounded approach to his design career Simon has always aligned his technical exploration with traditional design exploration. His table leveillà was nationally recognised in the Dowse Museums annual craft awards. Here Simon proved he is both a confident innovator as well as traditional expert. 

After graduating Simon used his extraordinary skill set refined whilst at university to take himself to New York City. It was here that Simon found himself amongst the Newlab. A multi disciplinary design, research and development facility located in Brooklyn fostering innovation in design, prototyping and new manufacturing. 

Securing his place as an Industrial designer at 10xBeta Simon is involved in all aspects of the design process. 10xBeta is a design engineering lab that utilises design & engineering to create a meaningful impact in the world around us by concepting and developing ideas into reality with purpose and intent.

Simon has worked on many products with 10xBeta leading design and prototyping to produce products ready to hand off to manufacturing. Amongst these products is hand washing compliance toys for children, industrial kitchen food automation units, environmental packaging with zero waste and tools to help parents with the early stages of parenthood. 

Simon has continued to thrive in this environment,  helping clients to produce products that are creating waves around the world as well as working on new ideas within the company itself to cement them as leaders of innovation.

Outside of work Simon is at home in the outdoors, enjoying cycling and sailing, having recently completed a transatlantic sailing trip. He enjoys exploring the world through travel and photography, growing his ever expanding pool of inspiration.