Day 1: Starting off this challenge with a sailing inspired piece I introduce the Wind Powered washing machine. With the main power source onboard a yacht being Solar there is limited power available for luxury items. During my crossing washing was done by treading clothes in a large bucket full of water and washing powder.  
 Day 2: There are two common problems with Band Aids and the packaging they come in. One, they do not include antiseptic wipes. Two, they require both hands to open the packaging. 
 Day 3: As I start this project I have already come across the need to transport materials daily. As far as transport goes my methods are limited to the subway or my bike. Being summer I would much prefer my bike so I have designed a modular bike rack that can adapt to each day. 
  Today's product is a light box with an L.E.D. matrix controlled through arduino processing.  Using a 4 x4 L.E.D. Matrix connected to Arduino each 'Pixel' is able to be controlled or set to a random function to change the piece of glass that is lit up. 
 The future is not recycling. The future is Upcycling. Upcycling is the practice of taking an object that has come to the end of its lifecycle and transforming it into something with a new purpose or value. Upcycling uses less energy and uses the whole material of the product to be repurposed. Recycling is  broken down each time and ultimately disposed of when the material can no longer be broken down into a lesser form. Recycling is still more beneficial than throwing an item in the garbage but where upcycling can be used we provide a better platform for sustainability. 
 Advances in open source technology and easy access to simple programming platforms has allowed for a rapid growth in connected smart devices. The Arduino platform and  If This Then That  are great examples of how these two can come together in a fun and exciting way. Using these platforms I have created a "Connected Smart" weather guage. 
 Today's product is a range of utensils helpful to the home brewer. Each utensil plays a different role in keeping a high standard of coffee preparation. The simple clip is able to fit on any bag of coffee beans keeping them sealed and fresh.
 Today was a hackathon. After being introduced to this project a few years ago at university I was keen to build one for myself. Today's product is  a CNC writing machine. Capable of business card sized images  this 3 axis cnc machine is the size of your palm. 
 Using my recent sailing trip as inspiration I have created a full set of playing cards. Trained in Industrial Design I really enjoy branching out into other areas of design.  Todays Graphic Design product allowed me to explore a new programme as well as new design methods. These images will be sent to a playing card company to be printed and cut. Hopefully returned by the end of my challenge. 
  Day 10: Today I explored some of the oldest leather stores in New York City. Learning tools they use and some of the methods they incorporate . Using this information I set out to design and make a set of simple leather goods. The set includes a phone case/wallet, a key clip and a headphone clip. Leather is a really interesting medium and I look forward to more work with this material. 
 Today I worked alongside NewLab Co Founder Scott Cohen. We discussed his need for a portable laptop stand, something that was flat pack and not a burden to carry with him.  With this in mind we took to the studio and created this hard shell case come laptop stand. 
 On the 12th of August NASA announced via video that it had successfully grown and eaten Red Romaine Lettuce in the International Space Station. Also on this day I collaborated with  Elliott P. Montgomery  of the  Extrapolation Factory , A member of the Newlab described as an imagination-based studio for design-led futures studies. It is here that we combined thoughts and ideas, pooling from both our disciplines to work on the Astronaut Salad Bowl. 
Bubble Mobile
 Day 15 introduces the Laser Alarm Clock. A device bordering on annoying and viral. Taking inspiration from one womens delight at waking her partner up with a Husky and a Laser Pointer. The Laser Alarm clock aims to automate that interaction through Arduino and a simple hardware setup. 
 A coat rack is a simple object that can be hidden in a corner or showcased as a piece of the room. This coat rack is designed to stand out or stand in the corner through its adjustable rack system. Each branch can be moved to any pre drilled space on the rack allowing the formation to fit any users needs. 
 Draughts is a way to bring people together, challenging the brain in strategy and forward thinking. Today's product is my take on the ancient game. A leather board laser cut and etched to reveal the alternating tiles paired with wooden checkers in black and natural. 
 When nothing goes right, go left. The simple swing is just that. Today I was prototyping another product but could not get it to work as I had imagined. I decided to leave that for another day and think more about its composition.  Born out of the limited time was the simple swing. 
 Merging digital and analogue worlds  to create a new and fun way to read the time all around the world. By hacking a standard wall clock with Arduino I was able to create a new version that includes the time in different time zones. Using the dial at the bottom right the user can choose between three pre programmed time zones. As the user selects the time zone the hands of the clock move to the respective time zone.
 This chair is composed of 8 lap or checked joints to give it a rigid and interesting overall form. Using the rope to give it a playful nature also highlights the areas for sitting. This is  a simple first prototype of a chair that I hope to keep developing in the near future. 
 The Hygiene Timer is a bathroom appliance designed to instil ritual and healthy standards into your daily life. Each aspect of this appliance turns itself from simple holder to timing device with the use of a servo and a limit switch. Using guidelines recognised by many health professionals each holder becomes unusable once the corresponding item is removed. 
 Working with lighting designer and Newlab member  Jason Krugman  day 21 is a Analogue Touch Matrix. This piece was developed by Jason and together we recreated his piece documenting each step to bring you an Instructables. (coming soon)
 In a collaboration with Newlab staff member Ben Millstein, manager of additive manufacturing and optical store Eye Designs of Westchester Day 22 produced a set of 3d printed glasses. Utilising each companies specialised facilities allowed me to print a custom set of frames fitted with custom shaped polarised lenses.  
 Finding an acrylic box discarded within the Navy Yard facilities prompted me to design this version of a record player. Believing that to many record players are hidden in corners or stored out of sight. The idea behind todays product was to illuminate the beauty of the record player . Placing it in the centre of a room, trying to recreate the feeling of sitting around a campfire. 
 Capitalising on todays explosion of selfie sticks on the market. Todays product is an upgraded version of this mainstream must have. The Panoramic selfie stick boasts a rotating mount allowing the user to capture 180 degrees of panoramic beauty. Using a secondary button to trigger the movement gives the user a steady platform. Allowing them to take a much wider image for selfie bragging rights.
 Collaborating with  Richard Clarkson Studio , a Brooklyn based design house distorting the ever-blurring lines between art & design. His use of innovative perspectives on traditional material ideologies, new technologies and adventurous opportunities are what makes the studio tick. Conceived together the iphone spinning top case was discovered and prototyped. A simple case allowing the user to utilise the perfect balance and weight of an iphone 6. Paired with a simple app the case creates a unique interactive experience. Giving the digital world of an iphone a somewhat physical representation. 
 This light sculpture uses real life data to mimic the motion of a pendulum of similar size. The speed in which each bulb is illuminated is calculated apparent to length, gravity and angle of the bulb from the central attachment point.  Today was a collaboration with talented MIT Engineer Andres Wallentin. This sculpture has applications in teaching demonstrations as all aspects of the sculpture can be recalculated to reproduce movements associated with different environments. 
 The brain teaser bike lock is a playful design aimed at expressing an alternative method to the heavy and cumbersome bike locks currently available today. No keys and no combination to remember only a brain teasing puzzle. Perfect for a quick trip to the bodega or hardware store. 
 In a collaboration with Creative Director Karl Ackerman of JWT New York the double bagged lamp was created. Utilising Karl’s grocery bag hoarding skills and my making skills we teamed up to create a beautiful way to store excess bags. A sturdy frame houses an L.E.D. strip light and secures the bags. Each bag is easily added or removed as needed. Bringing the grocery bag out of the cupboard and giving it a second life as an up cycled lamp shade. 
 For the last project of my 30 day challenge I found it fitting to design an Idea Generator. Having more value as a day one product it was a fun way to round out the month. Using three levels of a chamber filled with ping pong balls each level is given a certain type of word (Noun, Adjective, Verb). Once emitted from the generator the balls can be arranged to create a diverse range of stimulating sentences to help with a creative flow. Generate products based on the string of words or use them to inspire a never ending flow of creativity.