Recently I completed a Transatlantic crossing, leaving the United States and arriving in the Portugal 30 days later. Sailing a yacht for 30 days, with 3 others you have never met before and limited to 47 feet of floating fiberglass is something I would both recommend and discourage.

I am often asked "would you do it again?" and I have come to the conclusion that it was an amazing adventure and I was very lucky to be offered this opportunity. In saying that, steering and staring at the never ending horizon and infinite darkness for 30 days was the least productive time I have spent on this planet. You may argue that this is a wasted opportunity but as Neil Young sings it "The ocean is a desert with its life under water". 

Since returning to the U.S. I have started a 2 month artist residency at the NewLab under the guidance of 10xBeta. I have since realised that my time is much better spent innovating and designing products rather than gallivanting across oceans. With this I have decided to undertake a project creating the most productive 30 days I have spent on this planet. 

Starting August 1st I will produce one Idea, Concept or Product per day for 30 days. Follow along on my Social Media platforms as I document each day and check in on my website as I post a daily update on each product. #simondoes